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Our Success Partners

We in RME works closely with our subcontractors early in the project life cycle to ensure our compliance with the projects’ needs. Our construction projects are combination of many trades such as civil, arch., mechanical, electrical and others.
RME subcontractors and success partners benefit from our commitment to:


Our Safety leader in RME is to have a goal of zero incidents on every project. Everyone works safe on a RME jobsite. And everyone goes home safe.

Subcontractors benefit from RME’s understanding of, and commitment to, safety management.


Subcontractors benefit from RME’s commitment to a district quality management program. RME employees and subcontractors benefit from a thorough knowledge of the drawings, specifications, codes, testing procedures, and applicable standards.


We in RME understand that diversity drives innovation and we value the different experiences, perspectives, and expertise brought by our subcontractors and partners.

Company-wide, we seek opportunities to engage small and diverse subcontractors on our projects, and ensure their success through mentorship, support, and sharing best practices.

We welcome interested subcontractors and suppliers to sign up to our database. We look forward to learning about your business.

This registry is for subcontractors, suppliers, and other organizations interested in doing business with RME. It provides us with your basic company information and lets us know you are interested in working with RME.