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Our Success Partners

At Rowad, we foster close collaboration with our subcontractors from the project’s inception, aligning their expertise with the project’s requirements. Our construction endeavors encompass various trades including civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and more. Our subcontractors, integral to our success, gain from our commitment to:


At Rowad, safety leadership is defined by our continuous commitment to achieving a goal of zero incidents on every project. Our proactive approach ensures that every individual on a Rowad jobsite operates with the utmost safety consciousness, ensuring that everyone returns home safely. Our commitment to safety management extends to our subcontractors, benefiting from Rowad’s comprehensive understanding and fixed dedication to safety practices.


Rowad’s commitment to a robust quality management program extends to our valued subcontractors. This dedication ensures that both Rowad employees and subcontractors possess an in-depth understanding of project drawings, specifications, codes, testing protocols, and relevant standards. This comprehensive approach contributes to the overall success of our projects and ensures a consistently high level of quality across all endeavors.


At Rowad, we firmly recognize the pivotal role of diversity in fostering innovation, and we hold in high regard the unique array of experiences, viewpoints, and proficiencies that our subcontractors and partners contribute. Throughout our entire organization, we actively pursue avenues to collaborate with small-scale and diverse subcontractors within our projects. Our commitment extends to bolstering their accomplishments through dedicated mentorship, comprehensive support, and the exchange of industry best practices.

We extend an open invitation to prospective subcontractors and suppliers to enroll in our comprehensive database. This registry serves as a dedicated platform for subcontractors, suppliers, and other interested entities who aspire to establish a professional association with Rowad. By sharing fundamental details about your company, you signify your interest for potential collaboration with us.